Why people hating Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer?

Why people hating Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer?

In trailer things are looking rough for our poor little Hedgehog I think this is also a reason, why people hating Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer.

The Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer has already generated tons of online backlash and outcry from fans and casual viewers alike, but is it really as bad as all that? Maybe… oh, yes it’s.

This trailer is unimaginably awful, making the film look much less like the kind of video game film fans might hope for in 2019 and much more like the kind of dead-on-arrival video game adaptations we’ve been getting for decades and we loving it too…

The reason the Sonic the Hedgehog brand has remained so valuable and endeared for all these years comes down to one thing. Much like a certain other mustachioed video game central character of the same era, people fell in love with the character of Sonic over the course of his games, which kept them coming back for more. Visually, his design is just repulsive to look at. He doesn’t even look like Sonic, he just kind of looks like someone typed ‘ordinary CGI animal’ into a computer and went with the first result. And from a character standpoint, his entire personality in this trailer seems to be a combination of haughty and harshly annoying may be or yup comment below in comment section Why people hating sonic hedgehog trailer.

Stay tuned Here are the reasons why people not loving the new sonic trailer…

Maybe these  Seven point are the reason, Why people hating sonic the hedgehog trailer…

  • That Song Choice: There must have been a better choice than this.
  • It Feels They fail to execute the Touch or Old touch likely in the 2000s
  • All of the effects which look like incomplete or poorly executed.
  • That Quicksilver Scene ….Ha-ha
  • Sonic he is also the Reason.
  • Every Scene look incomplete in trailer
  • This is why it is so odd that the movie seems to have made Sonic the most unlikable character one could possibly imagine.


This trailer is unimaginably awful, For a debut trailer for what should and could be (in the right hands) a genuine tent pole property, this trailer looks laughably unfinished in just about every regard. Every single effect shot in this trailer looks like it was ripped out of the hands of protesting workers and just slotted into the trailer regardless and the reason the Sonic the Hedgehog brand has remained so valuable. Hope you get the little bit idea about why people hating sonic the hedgehog trailer.

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